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Disaster Assist

Use this map or search to find the Local Government Areas which have been declared natural disasters.
People in those area can then apply for disaster recovery payments. We make updates as each State and Territory makes these declarations.​​​

For information on the Australian Government’s response, see COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response.

Information on the national bushfire response

Disaster Assist is being used as a temporary website for the current bushfire disaster as well as for disaster recovery payments. We will update this site with all the information you need about what the Government is doing to help individuals, communities, businesses and local governments to recover from these bushfires.

This information will move to the new National Bushfire Recovery Agency website soon. ​​

We will provide the Prime Minister’s latest messages on the Federal Government’s recovery efforts. ​

We assist people affected by declared disasters in Australia and overseas to find financial assistance. We provide details and updates on recovery efforts.

Factsheet on the current bushfire situation

See: National Bushfire Recovery Agency factsheet (221KB PDF)

Payments and allowances

People affected by bushfires that are declared disasters may able to apply for the following payments:

One-off Disaster Recovery Payment

We may provide a one-off payment to support eligible people adversely affected by the bushfires called the Disaster Recovery Payment.

Short-term income support Disaster Recovery Allowance

We may provide short-term income support to people who can show they lost income as a direct result of the bushfires called the Disaster Recovery Allowance.

Health advice

To speak to a registered nurse, call healthdirect's 24-hour health advice number at 1800 022 222.

Current bushfires

See current bushfires and alerts provided by each State and Territory:

Prepare for an emergency

See how to prepare an emergency plan.

Emergency+ app

Provide critical location details for emergency services using your phone’s GPS when calling Triple Zero (000) with the free app Emergency+