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Disaster arrangements

Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Responding to natural disasters, including the provision of relief and recovery assistance to disaster affected communities, is primarily the responsibility of state and territory governments ('the states'). However, in recognition of the significant cost of natural disasters, the Australian Government established the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) to alleviate the financial burden on the states and to facilitate the early provision of assistance to disaster affected communities. Through the NDRRA, the Australian Government provides financial assistance directly to the states to assist them with costs associated with certain disaster relief and recovery assistance measures.

The NDRRA makes provisions for state governments to activate relief and recovery assistance immediately following a disaster without seeking approval from the Australian Government. Under the Arrangements, the states determine the type and level of assistance to make available. Importantly, the states are not bound by the assistance available under the NDRRA. That is, states can make available whatever assistance deemed necessary regardless of whether it is eligible for costs sharing under the NDRRA. This recognises that states are best placed to identify the type and level of assistance to make available following a disaster, in accordance with their responsibility for disaster management.

Visit the NDRRA page for more information.