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Managing financial distress following natural disasters

Natural disasters can have severe financial consequences for those affected. Below are some ways banks can help their customers cope.

If you're experiencing financial difficulty due to a natural disaster, you should contact your bank as soon as possible.

Banks will examine individual circumstances and discuss with their customers what help is most appropriate.

Banks will assist customers via a range of emergency relief packages and support measures which are usually made available immediately after a disaster event.

Depending on individual customer circumstances, banks may consider:

  • deferring loan repayments for up to three months
  • providing temporary increase in credit limits
  • restructuring loans
  • restructuring loans
  • waiving certain fees on new loans
  • waiving penalties on early withdrawal of term deposits.

This information has been prepared based on advice from the Australian Bankers' Association. For further details, visit the Australian Bankers' Association Inc website.

For further resources on preparing, responding and recovering from a disaster, please refer to the Australian Red Cross website.